Hospitality Recruiter Interviewing – Customizing Your Skill Presentation

As a Hospitality Recruiter interviewing prospective candidates for my clients, the initial discussion is key in understanding how the candidate will present to my client. How they speak about their Click here to read more

Recruiting Hospitality Sales Professionals -How to Explain Leaving Your Previous Job

When I am recruiting Hospitality Sales Professionals, I frequently coach my candidates on how to frame why they left their previous role. Often reasons are explainable, such as being laid Click here to read more

Recruiting Lifestyle Hospitality Talent – finding that “Je ne se Quoi”!

When recruiting lifestyle hospitality talent, I am constantly interviewing for that special something…the words used…the experience explained…the “passion”…that I know will be a great match for my client and their Click here to read more

How to Make a Great First Impression on a Phone Interview

Occasionally my client decides to phone interview and pre-screen a candidate I have presented. Of course, it is sometimes necessary due to geography, but I would always prefer if this Click here to read more

Recruiting Lifestyle Hospitality Professionals – Hiring for Cultural Fit

At McIntosh Human Capital Management, when recruiting lifestyle hospitality professionals, ensuring cultural fit is an important, if not the most important component of the process. I work predominantly within the Click here to read more

The Perils of the Counter Offer – Recruiting Hospitality Talent

When recruiting hospitality talent, I spend a great deal of time vetting candidates for my clients. Clearly, I want everyone to maximize their time and make sure my clients meet Click here to read more

Interviewing Hospitality Professionals – Presentations As Part of the Interview Process

When interviewing hospitality professionals, clients occasionally request presentations or action plans from candidates, to further evaluate their qualifications for the role. For instance, Sales candidates are asked to prepare a Click here to read more

Grooming and Recruiting High Performing Hospitality Sales Professionals for Tomorrow.

As Hospitality Sales Leaders, we are constantly looking for talent  and recruiting high performing hospitality sales professionals to fill Sales vacancies, . Unfortunately, we often find ourselves scrambling when people Click here to read more

Building a Foundation in Hospitality Sales Leadership

As we grew into our roles in Hospitality Sales Leadership, the people and what inspired and shaped us at the beginning of our journey in Hospitality…our mentors, our disciplines, core Click here to read more

Hire a Hospitality Sales “Rainmaker”

I have a client asking me to hire a Hospitality Sales “Rainmaker”, for her Luxury Travel Company. While I intuitively knew what she was looking for, I decided to look Click here to read more