Hospitality Recruiter Interviewing – Customizing Your Skill Presentation

As a Hospitality Recruiter interviewing prospective candidates for my clients, the initial discussion is key in understanding how the candidate will present to my client. How they speak about their experience and passions helps me understand if they will be a good cultural fit for the role and client.

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I recruit a wide variety of disciplines in sales and operations. No matter what type or level of position, it is important when interviewing for a role, that candidates are very specific about articulating accomplishments and successes.

I suggest when candidates meet with my client that they use tangible examples. For instance, when interviewing for a Sales Manager position, rather than say “I exceeded my quarterly sales goal”, I encourage the candidate to say, “in Q2 I brought in a $20,000 piece of business from ABC Company. My client Joe was looking at our competition, but I showed him that our central location would be a better fit for the meeting.” This type and level of detail adds credibility to the accomplishment and shows engagement in the interview process.

This article in The Cut speaks to personalizing a cover letter when applying for a role. The more an applicant can cut through the pile of resumes on a recruiting manager’s desk by giving specific success examples, the better. When you get to the interview stage, the same tips apply.

How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Get You a Job

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