Building a Foundation in Hospitality Sales Leadership

As we grew into our roles in Hospitality Sales Leadership, the people and what inspired and shaped us at the beginning of our journey in Hospitality…our mentors, our disciplines, core values, training…stayed with us throughout our careers. We also gained friends for life across the globe, along with rich travel experiences.

I was fortunate enough to start my hospitality career with Four Seasons Hotels, when we were a company of 10 properties, which has now grown to 100 around the world. As a new sales organization, we had the opportunity to participate in groundbreaking sales training and formed creative client relationships that exist for the company today. We were a true start-up; nimble, innovative, always trying something new and taking chances.

I was thrilled to see this article about Isadore Sharp, the founder of Four Seasons, continuing to mentor young hospitality students: Hotelier Magazine. He was an inspiration to us as a young sales organization and he brought people in to lead us who built a strong foundation for the sales leaders and people we are today, many years later.

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