As a Hotel Recruiting Search Firm, we will find high performing sales and operations candidates for your team closely aligned to your company culture. We have deep experience recruiting great leaders and colleagues for a wide range of cultures and regions. Contact us if you have a new property and you need assistance building a high performing sales and operations team.

Mcintosh Human Capital Management is a Hotel Recruiting Search firm that takes a highly personalized approach to finding candidates to join your team. While we have a deep contact and database, we also take pride in finding unique candidates that are a perfect fit. We have extensive career experience in hospitality, so we have an edge up in understanding the specific attributes and talent set you are looking for in candidates.

We personally interview every candidate and will present an assessment with an overview of their talent fit. We will stay close to the candidate during the interview step and help set up each step of the process. We can help with references, compensation negotiation, presenting offers and post-hire follow-up. We are a part of your Talent Acquisition team, understanding the company culture you work hard to maintain.

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