Hospitality Recruiting Partners with McIntosh Human Capital Management

We are thrilled to partner with some amazing hospitality recruiting partners and professionals to add value and assistance to our clients.

Master Connections Associates is a leading hospitality sales training company who will partner with you to provide outstanding training for your sales organization at every level.

Lion and Lamb is a highly experienced and connected Public Relations firm that will assist with your marketing and publicity. Just

Just Think Hospitality offers excellent customer service training and management development for your organization, with deep experience in luxury and lifestyle companies nationwide.hops, Guest Service Programs, pre-openings, or we will co-author a customized solution to meet your needs.

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There is a fine line between the impact of a roar and the subtlety of a whisper. And in no other industry is the ability to locate that line more key than the business of communications.


We’ve heard it all before. But with Lion & Lamb Communications, we’re less concerned with overused catch phrases and more with tailoring a message for a specific person, certain place and perfect time.

We don’t blast press releases to giant media lists and we don’t repurpose old strategies for new clients. We listen, think, listen some more and get together to craft authentic, confident messages to share with our friends and colleagues in the media. We know when to make a splashy entrance just as well as we know when to slink into a party undetected, waiting for the exact moment to make our presence known.

It’s a process – and an intuition – that truly only comes with experience. Together, Co-founders Melanie Weitzner and Rachel Harrison have over 25 years of lifestyle & hospitality communications experience under their belts.



Since 1989, Master Connection Associates (MCA) has produced creative and effective sales, service and marketing strategies and training solutions for our clients. Their practical solutions drive revenue growth, customer loyalty and bottom line profits for industry leading organizations.

Real-world experience is the key to MCA’s success. Through hundreds of assignments, they’ve worked with leaders, innovators and top talent in business. They are constantly exposed to new ideas and leading-edge technology and bring that dynamic perspective to each of their clients.

With a proactive approach, realistic solutions and strong customer relationships, MCA is a valued partner, resource and adviser.

Today, MCA’s client list includes many of the most competitive and successful brands and industry leaders in hospitality and travel, professional services, real estate, financial, retail, healthcare, automotive and manufacturing companies in the United States – and around the world.


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We specialize in supporting top hospitality brands through workshops, training, and one-to-one coaching to create more engaging guest experiences; develop leaders; and ensure that everyone within your brand is working cohesively towards your goals.

Every company is unique,
so are all of our training programs!

What makes us different? It’s simple: we know every company is unique, so all of our training programs are, too. From the moment we begin working together, everything is customized to achieve your company’s desired culture, goals, and outcomes.