Recruiting Hospitality Sales Professionals -How to Explain Leaving Your Previous Job

When I am recruiting Hospitality Sales Professionals, I frequently coach my candidates on how to frame why they left their previous role. Often reasons are explainable, such as being laid off or relocation. Other reasons can be more tricky, like being out of synch with the company culture, not liking a boss or being fired. All situations must be carefully thought through, as explaining the transition can make or break an interview.

recruiting Hospitality Sales Professionals Recruiting Hospitality Talent interviewing hospitality professionals hotel executive recruiter hospitality recruiting search firm recruiter hotel executive search firm New York City hospitality search hotel recruitingMore frequently these days, people are leaving their jobs before having a new position and while I don’t think this is not a good idea, there are often unavoidable reasons, such as caring for an ill relative. This situation is not as suspect as in the past.

It is always a difficult situation when someone is fired. The shock and stress needs to be processed and I often guide my candidates on how to articulate the separation. This can take time and practice and I always recommend candor and honesty. If I am asked if a short term position should be left a resume, I usually recommend no. If a client finds out that a role has been left off a resume, they will want to know what else is a misrepresentation.

When I am screening candidates,  I dig pretty deep to find out all reasons for leaving a role or time gap between positions. I don’t want any surprises, as it will color my representation of the candidate to my client. If I hear negativity or vagueness, I help the candidate better articulate the situation during their interview.

This is excellent article in The Cut about talking through reasons for wanting to leave a job or why the departure. There are the usual recommendations about not bad mouthing a previous boss, but it also does a great job of talking about how to frame not liking a culture or being fired.

The Cut – Explain Reasons for Leaving a Job – July 2018