Recruiting Hospitality Salespeople – Acing the Interview

Recruiting Hospitality Salespeople is challenging, so is scoring a great new Sales position with the company of your dreams.

You are a passionate hospitality salesperson. You love your job and are excited to build your career progression, either within your current organization, or through the next company that will provide your desired career growth.

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Now you have scored an interview for your dream job. Make sure you don’t get tripped up by any of these interview “don’ts” that will leave a bad impression and not get you to the next step of the interview process.

Focusing on certain job details in the first interview: The first interview is not the place to ask up about salary, vacation, bonus structure or the benefit package. This will indicate to your interviewer that you have your priorities other than the job challenges, company culture or goals of the role.

Using poor grammar or jargon: It is important when speaking with the interviewer that you structure your sentences correctly, use appropriate words and don’t use lingo. Don’t “um” or “ah”, as you think about your response. You will come off as poorly educated or lazy. Your interviewer wants to know you will present well to your clients and represent the hotel appropriately.

Listen!: Listen very carefully to your interviewer and make sure you understand the question that is being asked. As a good salesperson, you are accustomed to listening attentively to your clients. This will help you to craft an appropriate response, tailored to the needs of your interviewer. If you don’t understand the question, don’t be afraid to ask to have it repeated or rephrased .

Be Positive: No matter what negative experiences you may have had in your career, never come across as a victim or speak negatively about previous employers. Good interviewers will probe into your past and build rapport. Don’t be lulled into taking your interviewer into your confidence about a bad boss.

Here is an interesting article from that expands on these comments.

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