Recruiting Lifestyle Hospitality Talent – finding that “Je ne se Quoi”!

When recruiting lifestyle hospitality talent, I am constantly interviewing for that special something…the words used…the experience explained…the “passion”…that I know will be a great match for my client and their company culture.

It is hard to articulate how to interview for culture fit. This excellent article in Mashable asks, “Do You Have the Emotional Intelligence Employers Seek?” and does a great job of explaining how candidates can set themselves apart during a job interview.

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“While interviews are a great place to talk about your specific industry skills, they’re an even better setting to put your emotional intelligence on display. Many employers use the interview process to ask questions about why you want to work for the organization, what career goals you want to achieve and what exactly about the role would make you excited to get up in the morning. When you showcase your emotional intelligence in addition to your core skills, you’ll likely be seen as a balanced professional.

For instance, candidates should speak convincingly about collaborative work in former assignments, share how they interacted with team members and discuss successful outcomes of projects. The ability to work effectively with other people and resolve conflicts can be an indicator of one’s emotional intelligence, and a job interview is a great place to showcase this.”

Read the article here in Mashable