Recruiting Lifestyle Hospitality Professionals – Hiring for Cultural Fit

At McIntosh Human Capital Management, when recruiting lifestyle hospitality professionals, ensuring cultural fit is an important, if not the most important component of the process.

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I work predominantly within the lifestyle hospitality space. Skills are clearly critical, but if the candidate will emulate and live the core values of the organization, is equally as vital. When working with established clients, I have a good understanding of what to look for in candidates, that will ensure a good cultural match.

Interviewing candidates for my established lifestyle hotel clients, I listen to the words they use, what past roles were their best experiences, how they speak about their best leaders.

To prepare to start work with a new client, I spend time speaking with several people within the organization, so I gain a solid understanding of their values and how they create their organizational culture.

A recent new client said their core values were; heartfelt, collaborative, autonomous and innovative. I listen for what I call “passion words” when I interview candidates for this client. For example, does the candidate use phrases such as “I love to…”, “I get excited by…”, “I am passionate about…”.

Great interview questions to determine cultural fit are:

What type of culture do you thrive in?
What core values are you drawn to?
What values in your best boss experience did you observe?
What best practices would you bring with you from another organization?
Tell me about a time when you worked with an organization where you felt there was a strong culture fit.

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